How to Host a Successful Board Meeting?

Interactive technologies are revolutionizing the workplace, providing better communication channels, and changing how projects are managed and meetings are held. Here is more about board meeting efficiency with the help of virtual technologies.

The effective board meetings: time to facilitate

Every company leader knows how important it is to convey all the information at the meeting to the board members and achieve the necessary response. With the advent of innovative technologies, the situation has become simpler and more complicated simultaneously. It is no longer required to gather all meeting participants in one place, and it is enough to organize communication via the Internet. However, new difficulties have also appeared – you need to consider the difference in time zones. The online board meeting is a meeting of board members held over the Internet. During this session, participants discuss current issues, review documents and presentations, exchange ideas, and develop new working strategies.

The process of the board meeting preparation

The entire process of preparing and holding an online board meeting occurs in several stages. Let’s consider them in more detail:

    • Formulation of the exact goal. The goal of any meeting, regardless of the mode of holding, is to develop a collective decision after the data exchange. In each case, the goal is determined by the initiator. 
    • Assign date and time and choose a platform. The effectiveness of such events increases if they are held at the beginning of the week. Time should be optimal for all participants.
    • Development of the meeting agenda. How the meeting will be held also depends on how elaborated the agenda is. First, current issues that can be resolved quickly are discussed, then controversial and complex ones. The agenda is sent to all meeting participants in advance. Each participant can read and prepare their proposals and objections. 
    • Create a list of board meeting participants. The greater the number of topics and participants discussed, the better the organization of an online meeting should be. 

Board software: prepare for your virtual board meeting easily

The boardroom is an invaluable interactive resource that combines teleconferencing and collaboration technologies to create a highly productive workspace. These rooms use immersive and collaborative technology to encourage creativity, facilitate data sharing at all levels, and help board teams reach decision-making faster.

In addition, allowing each meeting participant to interact with the rest and share data and ideas with them using multiple streams of visual data increases employee engagement. There are no more long boring board meetings. Instead, board portals allow users to make the most of their time to focus on achieving their goals.

The system includes a unique set of functionalities for comfortable daily work. Board software implements an innovative approach to automation, which reduces the time and cost of implementation and development. It is based on a powerful technology platform that ensures fast and reliable operation. The system interface is fully adapted to work on stationary and mobile devices of various formats. Users only need a web browser to access the system. The boardroom unifies work with all electronic and paper documents of the organization. It can also be integrated with corporate and external systems. The functionality and reliability of the system have been verified by implementation on dozens of large projects.

The board software can automate the following key areas of board management:

    • electronic archive management, classification, and search of documents, files, and media information;
    • preparation and approval of documents;
    • control over the execution of orders according to documents;
    • exchange of electronic documents between departments and organizations;
    • meeting management;
    • task management.